Patient Scheduled Management Service

Kimal provides a home delivery service to renal patients and patient specific deliveries to hospital Renal units.
Patient specific packs contain consumable requirements of a particular patient, either from Kimal or another manufacturer; these are sourced, stored, picked, packed and then delivered in a patient specific, labelled box.
With cold storage and a pharmacy facility on site, Kimal’s Patient Scheduled Management Service can include patient prescription items if required.
Service benefits to the Trust:
  • One off stock saving as Trust becomes almost stockless
  • Avoids wastage on product estimated at some 5%.
  • Productivity increases for staff and staff savings as less staff needed. Saving is more if agency nurses can be avoided.
  • Internal supply chain saving as risk and responsibility for delivering and put away transfers to Kimal.
  • Opportunity for value share if Kimal increases sales of own manufactured product
  • Traceability of product usage down to patient level.
  • Lower risk of infection as reduction of stocks held in ward areas.
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