Customised Procedure Pack Service

Customised Procedure Pack Service

50 Years’ Experience goes into every one of our packs

Increase savings, support lean agenda and improve productivity with Kimal Procedure Packs.

Kimal were one of the first manufacturers to introduce procedure packs as a valuable and time saving solution when they pioneered the launch of Cardiology Procedure Packs.

Our expertise has developed in a specialism where clinical knowledge, an eye for detail and high quality specialist products are crucial. 

Kimal have proven to be a long standing and trusted partner to the NHS and Hospitals around the globe.

1.5 Kimal procedure packs are used every minute somewhere in the world.


What is a Customised Procedure Pack?

Customised procedure packs are specifically designed to meet the clinical needs of healthcare professionals. They provide the single use, sterile and surgical consumable items required for a procedure in an easy to use pack.

Our team of Clinical Specialists and customer focussed sales team will work with you to understand your current processes. They will provide recommendations on how to reduce wastage, increase efficiency and identify areas where savings can be exposed.

The latest generation of Kimal Procedure Packs deliver improvements in efficiency, cost savings and a reduced risk of infection.

Along with an extensive range of high quality components and the SurgiGuard™ high performance drape and Gown Range, Kimal can also include pharmaceuticals in packs.

With Cost savings and patient care more critical than ever, Kimal can provide a custom solution which adds real value to quality of care.

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Benefits of the Kimal Customised Procedure Pack

  • Reduced product picking
  • Shorter set up times
  • Less waste
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Traceability
  • Draping
  • Just in time delivery

Kimal Customised Procedure Pack Benefits


To discuss your customised procedure pack requirements with a dedicated clinical specialist or one of our customer focussed sales team:
Call: 0845 437 9540
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