Cardiology Angiography Procedure Pack

Cardiology Angiography Procedure Pack

Custom Procedure Packs

Cardiology Pack

Kimal offer an extensive selection of products for General Surgery procedures, manufactured to the highest standard and customised to your requirements.

Kimal specialise in creating bespoke procedure pack solutions and our team of dedicated clinical specialists and customer focused sales teams will work with your department to deliver a solution tailored to your individual needs.

The components and packs listed represent universal Major General Procedure Pack options. Please contact Kimal to discuss your exact requirements.

  • Cardiology Angiography Procedure Pack
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Code Box Qty
K211/4001/10 6
K211/4002/10 (contains squeeze contrast control device) 6

1 x Namic™ 2 port manifold
2 x Galipot 120ml
1 x Guidewire bowl
4 x Syringe, P.E, 10ml, L/S
1 x Syringe, P.E, 5ml, L/S
1 x Label set
1 x Needle 18G x 7cm (70mm) introducer needle
1 x Needle 21G x 3.8cm hypo green
1 x Needle 23G x 3cm hypo blue
1 x Scalpel No.11
2 x Sponge stick medium 15cm
1 x Swab gauze, 10 x 10cm, 12ply, 10 pack
1 x Medium fluoro cover
1 x Sharps needle containment device
1 x Angio drape, 2 fenestrations, 3 ply laminate, no windows, 300cm
1 x Equipment cover, P.E, 100 x 100cm
1 x Bowl 250ml
1 x Sponge bowl 500ml

Question Answer
Do you provide Procedure Packs for all clinical disciplines? Yes, KIMAL specialise in bespoke Procedure Packs and can provide solutions for the majority of disciplines. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us and our Customer Service team will put you in touch with your local representative.
We don’t currently use Procedure Packs, does this matter? Not at all, your local representative can talk you through the process and support you with an analysis of your current practice. They will provide recommendations on how to reduce wastage, increase efficiency and identify areas where savings can be exposed. We also welcome visitors to our 'pack concept facility' where you can build a pack to your requirements from the 1000’s of components KIMAL has available.
Our current pack supplier substitutes individual components in our packs which can cause unnecessary stress and tension. Will KIMAL do this? No, we understand the problems that can be caused when a Procedure Pack doesn't meet the required specification and make sure that we will notify you if any changes need to be made your Procedure Pack.
Can I make changes to the pack? Yes, Kimal has a clinical expert team with many years of experience creating different packs to meet different needs. Our team will work with you to create a specification which can be tested as non-sterile and sterile samples before commitment to order. Critical details such as packing order and drape folds can also be specified. We will continue to support you with regular pack evaluations to ensure that your expectations are maintained and that you continue to reduce unnecessary wastage and unlock efficiency savings.
How do Kimal manage these changes? It is vital that Clinicians can not only specify packs according to their needs but also change these specifications with changes in practice. Kimal’s unique IT application provides an automated specifications system for managing the structure of the procedure packs. This also provides clear accountability and traceability for structural changes throughout the life cycle of the product.
How do Kimal ensure quality? All packs are manufactured in Kimal’s purpose built manufacturing facility in Bromsgrove in our class 8 clean rooms in accordance with our ISO9001 and 13485 certification. Our clean room environment undergoes routine environmental monitoring and bio-burden testing to achieve these accredited standards. Biocompatibility studies are conducted with accredited test facilities in line with ISO 10993 recommendations. Sterilization is conducted in accordance with ISO11135. On completion, packs are sent to a 3rd party sterilisation facility in the UK and then shipped for storage and allocation to our Logistics Centre at Droitwich.
Our department use a specific range of drapes; can we put these into KIMAL Procedure Packs? Yes, we will work with you to create a pack that meets your needs and requirements. This includes looking at the drapes you wish to include in your packs. KIMAL can work with you to customise your drapes by designing and manufacturing a SurgiGuard™ draping solution to meet your exact requirements.
We are thinking of including gowns in Procedure Packs, is this possible with KIMAL Procedure Packs? Yes, we offer a range of gowns to suit your working environment; SurgiGuard™ Superior, SurgiGuard™ Select and SurgiGuard™ Comfort; available in a range of sizes and levels of protection, featuring sonically welded seams and in compliance with EN13795. Please speak to one of our Clinical Specialists for further information or to request a sample.
Am I able to put my current prep solution in a Procedure Pack? KIMAL were the first UK Procedure Pack manufacturer to have a pharmaceutical licence. We have UK distribution rights for Chloroprep and we can work with you to include it in packs if required. Please speak to your local representative for more information.
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