Supply Chain

Kimal recognises that service and responsiveness is a key component of our offer to our customers. Accordingly, we have developed a highly regarded team of clinically expert sales specialists and knowledge based sales support. We are organised to respond quickly to customer needs, modifying products as clinical needs change.

Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
Kimal constantly reviews delivery performance and other processes through key performance indicators and makes improvements wherever possible. Our operations team utilise Lean and Six Sigma techniques to drive continuous improvement and Kimal employs a number of Six Sigma “blackbelts”. Kimal’s overall performance is measured through a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which are reported to the Trust through quarterly review meetings.
Delivery and Stock Holding
Kimal currently achieves a target of a minimum of 98.7% of deliveries on time and in full. Product deliveries can be organised according to the needs of the hospital. Services range from delivery by courier to central stores right through to just in time department shelf replenishment. Services can include removal of unrequired packaging. Delivery routes include the use of a contracted parcels service, our own transport and a specialised medical freight partner. Where immediate delivery is required we are able to ensure products are dispatched for delivery to customers in the UK within a matter of hours.
For procedure packs supplied on contract Kimal ensures that there is stock available for immediate despatch available from our Distribution Centre based at Droitwich in The Midlands. We typically hold 6 weeks finished stock work with customers to ensure that an agreed level is in place.
Dependent upon the components in a specified pack, an initial lead time of 6-10 weeks from the first Purchase order or official award of a contract is to be expected. Thereafter, upon agreement of sufficient stockholding to supply the Contract, Kimal will hold enough stock for a continuous supply and delivery will be within 48 hours. If the pack tendered is a currently supplied Kimal pack with no specification changes, delivery should be within 48 hours.
Emergency Deliveries
Should the customer require any emergency deliveries, Kimal can arrange a same day delivery via our couriers. Kimal passes the cost of this delivery directly to the customer without mark up and the cost is agreed with the customer before despatch. As part of the Kimal service we can often suggest a Universal pack or a similar pack supplied to another customer as a substitute.
To ensure continuous reliable supply, Kimal manufactures product for UK hospitals for stock. Demand is continually reviewed by forecasting demand by a number of means:
  • Historical usage patterns
  • Regular usage reviews with clinical users
  • Regular contract reviews with procurement
  • Clinical user feedback
  • Notice of any anticipated increases in procedural volumes
Component Supply
Components for packs are sourced from many suppliers and these are managed by a team of Materials Co-ordinators that ensure the stock is available in Bromsgrove to manufacture packs to our agreed stock levels. Information on demand is managed through our ERP IFS system which considers many variables including lead times, minimum order quantities, sales plan etc. In combination with holding stock on site we also schedule out firm and planned orders with our suppliers for supplies up to 6 months in advance of delivery requirement.
Supplier performance is measured in terms of quality and delivery to ensure that the appropriate action is taken to ensure that quality components are available on time. All suppliers are approved in accordance with our ISO 9001 and 13485 certification.
For all instances of issues with quality there is a quality alert raised and the supplier is informed and requested to implement immediate containment action.
There is a monthly review of supplier quality issues and action is taken to ensure that the suppliers are aware of all issues. Evidence of permanent corrective action is required to close out any quality issues.
Business Ethics
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